Our Story

Most workplace culture tools are reactive, static, and bottom-up—asking employees to rate their satisfaction with the organization’s leadership team or environment without doing anything to cultivate it.

So we created CultureWorx and our Culture Performance Management™ solutions to help you measure and manage your company culture with integrity.

Whether you manage your company culture or not, it exists, healthy or unhealthy, and will impact your organization. CultureWorx helps ensure that impact of your company culture is positive and scalable, enabling a strong employee experience and business performance.

Based on empirical research, social learning theory, and years of implementation and results, CultureWorx was founded by organizational leadership and culture experts who have helped companies gain traction with business culture for decades.

Upon experiencing the extraordinary impact Culture Performance Management™ has had on people, productivity, and bottom lines, we packaged it to help more organizations transform their company culture into a competitive advantage.


CultureWorx exist to improve how leaders engage, interact, and make decisions in their lives to empower them to do the same in the lives of others.

Our Vision

We will equip leaders with innovative tools and resources that advance their capacity to enact positive and sustainable change for the people they serve.

Our Mission

To be the partner of choice for organizations seeking transformational behavioral change by helping their teams lead better, together.

The Values That Guide Us

Our Core-4® Company Values guide how we engage, interact, and make decisions every day. We believe you can’t fake company culture! We practice the behaviors that underpin our core values with intentionality.


We're steadfast in our approach to eliminating barriers between people—regardless of one’s differences. We work to achieve cross-functional communication, alignment, and positive results.


We're adaptable to meet the needs of our partners, flexible to meet the needs of the business, and inventive to meet the needs of the market.


We're committed to being transformative leaders—going beyond our self-interests to identify the needs of others, while creating a vision to guide positive change.


We're honest, transparent, and ethical in all that we do. We operate in truth, with a focus on doing what’s right, always.

The CultureWorx Team

We know what it takes. We know what works. We know this because we’ve done it for decades.

Dr. Donte Vaughn

Chief Executive Officer &

Managing Partner

Sean Hart

Co-Founder &
Managing Partner

Randall Powers

Co-Founder &
Managing Partner

Rachel Abraham

Director of Learning
& Organizational Development

Saba Hale

Director of

Business Development

Cassia Lamy

Learning & Development


Brian Sinclair

Sales & Marketing

Dionte Biddings

Product & Service

Sue Lynn Tan

Learning & Development