Culture Transformation

For organizations that want to operationalize company culture and achieve continuous cultural improvement while improving
leadership engagement and decision making., we developed The Culture Transformation Package™ of our CultureWorx SaaS platform.

The Culture Inspiration Package incorporates our Culture Performance Management™ (CPM™) methodology and enables organizations to  being to successfully define, implement, measure, and sustain a positive workplace culture.

CultureWorx offers three primary solution delivery models geared towards providing your organization with a cost-effective and streamlined roadmap for your culture improvement journey.

The Culture Transformation Package Includes:

CultureWorx Software Configuration & Implementation
  • 10-12 week
Culture Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Alignment Workshops
  • Leadership Discovery Sessions
  • Conclusion & Roadmap Development
  • Learning Gap Analysis
  • Evaluation of Leadership Practices
CPM™ Systems & Process Enhancement
  • Value Terms, Phrases, & Definitions
  • Examples of Leadership Behaviors
  • Defined Leadership Behaviors
  • Defined Integration Strategies
  • Update Communication Components
  • Established Behavioral Standards for Leaders
  • Specific Actions for Leaders
  • Behavioral Standards for Performance Reviews
CPM™ System Implementation
  • Map & Provide Leaders with Culture Connections
  • Establish & Implement Baseline Standards/ Expectations
  • Select & Align Your Culture Champion
  • Auditory, Visual, & Kinesthetic Learning Practices for Frontline Leaders
  • On-Demand Development for Frontline Leaders
  • Real-Time Execution & Measurement of Leadership Engagement, Interactions, and Decision-Making
CPM™ Sustainability Model
  • Customized to Organization
Software Customization, Configuration, & Delivery
  • Application Configuration
  • Leadership Software Training
  • Dedicated Resource Accessible via Phone/Email
  • CultureWorx EnterpriseAccess Program Software
  • One-on-One Leadership Coaching
  • Technical & Tactical Implementation Parameters
  • Support for Change Management, Data Analytics, Performance Metrics, & UX Surveys
Post-Implementation Support
  • Included

Choosing the CultureWorx Solution that Worx for Your Business

We offer three Culture Performance Management™ delivery models for our CultureWorx SaaS platform with varying depths of methodology and software support to meet your company’s unique culture needs, timeline, and budget.

Talk to a CultureWorx Expert

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